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We offer specialized raw materials for the following industries: coatings, rubber, foams, plastics, and food.


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Fumed Silicas
Fumed Silica used as thixotropic agent (thickener) in coatings, paints, and putties. Aerosil® Trademark.

Precipitated Silicas
Precipitated Silica used as reinforcement for rubber and tires (Ultrasil® Trademark), anti - caking and flow agent for food and feed (Sipernat® Trademark), and rheological and abrasive additives for toothpastes (Sident® Trademark), among other applications.

Functional Silanes
Functional silanes that can be used during the polymerization process of molding resins, acrylic emulsions, and many other polymeric binders. Silanes are used to give adhesion properties to the binders. We also offer silanes that can be used as post adhesion additives in coatings. Dynasylan® Trademark.

Resins and Additives for Coatings
We have a complete portfolio of additives for its use in paints and inks (defoamers, wetting agents, surface additives, flow additives, adhesion promoters). We also offer ketonic resins for printing inks and silicone resins for a wide range of applications. Tego® Trademark.

PU Foam Additives
Complete line of silicone surfactants, tin octoate, amine, and process additives for PU foam production. We offer technical support with foam formulations. Tegostab® Trademark.

Matting Agents
Matting Agents based on silica for coatings, paints, lacquers and varnishes. Acematt® Trademark.

Methacrylic Monomers
MMA for the production of acrylic sheets and the production of acrylic resins and emulsions. Special monomers for a wide array of applications. Visiomer® Trademark.