About us

Localpack is a Colombian company that develops markets for our partners and helps customers formulate better products. The specialty chemicals we offer, on top of our high level of service, allows our customers to develop better formulas to compete and win in their respective markets. We serve several industrial applications such as Paints & Coatings, Polymerization, Disinfection and Cleaning, Asphalt, Construction, Lubricants & Greases, Plastics & Rubber, Agrochemicals, among others.

Our products have deep technical and innovative content and we already have more than 200 of such products locally available in Colombia. We serve more than 300 active customers that trust our products, processes, and services. We have international partners, with their trademarks, products, and global recognition trust Localpack to develop their business, products, and applications in Colombia.

Our on-going and decisive focus on specialty chemicals, along with our culture, competence of our commercial team, and strength of our logistical and administrative processes has allowed us to deserve the preference of our customers and partners.

Detail-oriented culture

“The how and the why” we do what we do is what really make us valuable and different. We live our detailed-oriented culture and we express it in several ways:

  • Collaborative and cohesive: we help each other, always.
  • Competent: we know what we do, we do it well, and fast.
  • Knowledgeable: we understand well our customer needs and opportunities, and through our products we offer them solutions to address them.
  • Self-critical: that is how we adjust, correct, and learn
  • Closeness: we treat all persons with respect and warmness.
  • Helpful: we have a deep sense of purpose to serve customers and partners.
  • Committed: we love what we do because we have created a community and we are proud of our Incopack-Localpack family legacy.

35 years of history

Since 1987, always in permanent evolution and developing industrial applications:


Start-up idea: first jobs as technical support for packaging.


Foundation of Incopack as a consultancy agency for packaging.


Commercial agency work for medical grade papers.


Commercial agency work for special laminates, labels and lids for dairy and pharma, and packaging machinery, and printing machines.


Commercial agency work for raw materials for diapers and sanitary napkins (fluff pulp. SAP, films).


Commercial agency work for additives, catalysts, and resins for paints and coatings.


Foundation of Localpack, for local sales of machinery spare parts and additives for paints and coatings


Spin-off of spare parts and machinery business.


Strategic focus on Localpack: distribution of specialty chemicals.

2012 – 2018

Consolidation period of distribution of specialty chemicals, and agreements with new partners.


Acquisition of majority stake in Solteq S.A.S. and later integration into Localpack.


Acquisition of assets and business relations of Raw Chemical S.A.S.

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